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What Makes Us Your Partner for Lifetime?

SBEPL is devoted to meet the needs of Indian customers to modernize, maintain, and upgrade elevators and to install new ones with years of experience and knowledge of maintenance technology, components, and equipment shall mention together. We are proud to have an experienced and dedicated team which is dedicated and focused on those projects and enabled us to provide smoother ways to serve all top brands by maintaining their elevators.

SBEPL is equipped with highly standard skills to provide tailor-made programs to build elevators for high-rise buildings and overhauling of their equipment. Our technical staff has combined experience to moderize and upgrade elevators. We are driven by our commitment and passion with a highly skilled approach.

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Residential & Social Housing

SBEPL is well organised and have teams of expertise having years of experience to manage the traffic flow comes to use the elevators frequently in residential societies.

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High rise building

A high-rise building is a building having floors of 7 or more. If you are looking for an elevator for a residential building with minimum 7 stops.

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SBEPL is committed to provide smooth & safe movement of elevators in peak hours when people move in and out in commercial space.

Private Homes

Private home elevators grab less usage but they require special attention all the time as kids and old age family members are also comes in contact with home elevators.

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We are committed to provide you high class service for a five-star dignity.

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We understand that the safe and reliable movement of elevator is critical in a healthcare building.

Our elevator products ranging under goods elevator segment is designed for rough and tough use with high weight movement without any jerks.


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The globe is moving towards cleaner, greener, energy efficient sustainable technologies. Shrestha Bharat innovation not only provides energy efficient, clean and green solutions but works on all forms of savinngs like Power Consumption, Edicate Spares to replaced time. Time to time in normal wear & tear.



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